Autocomplete Textfield in Flutter

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Autocomplete Textfield in Flutter


An autocomplete textfield for flutter

Breaking Changes

TextField is set by default to call onSubmitted on a suggestion tap and also to clear the TextField on submit.
These can both be disabled with submitOnSuggestionTap and clearOnSubmit respectively.


AutoCompleteTextField supports any data type suggestions

new AutoCompleteTextField<YOURDATATYPE>()

The suggestions parameter must have data that matches <YOURDATATYPE>

A global key of type GlobalKey<AutoCompleteTextFieldState<T>> is required so that the clear() method can be called to clear AutoCompleteTextField.

See also  Dropdown FormField in Flutter

Strings and itemFilter

Filtering is case sensitive so when using strings a common implementation of itemFilter is.
itemFilter: (item, query) { return item.toLowerCase().startsWith(query.toLowerCase()); }

Autocomplete TextField

This is developed by felixlucien
Download this project from the below link.
You can visit original source page from the below link:

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