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Flutter Image Cropping Plugin for Android and iOS

A Flutter plugin for Android and iOS supports cropping images. This plugin is based on two different native libraries so it comes with different UI between these platforms.


Image Cropper doesn’t manipulate images in Dart codes directly, instead, the plugin uses Platform Channel to expose Dart APIs that Flutter application can use to communicate with two very powerful native libraries (uCrop and TOCropViewController) to crop and rotate images. Because of that, all credits belong to these libraries.

uCrop – Yalantis

This project aims to provide an ultimate and flexible image cropping experience. Made in Made in Yalantis

Crop Image
Crop Image

TOCropViewController – TimOliver

TOCropViewController is an open-source UIViewController subclass to crop out sections of UIImage objects, as well as perform basic rotations. It is excellent for things like editing profile pictures, or sharing parts of a photo online. It has been designed with the iOS Photos app editor in mind, and as such, behaves in a way that should already feel familiar to users of iOS.

Crop Image
Crop Image

How to install


  • Add UCropActivity into your AndroidManifest.xml


From v1.2.0, you need to migrate your android project to v2 embedding (detail)

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  • No configuration required


Required parameters

  • sourcePath: the absolute path of an image file.

Optional parameters

  • maxWidth: maximum cropped image width.
  • maxHeight: maximum cropped image height.
  • aspectRatio: controls the aspect ratio of crop bounds. If this values is set, the cropper is locked and user can’t change the aspect ratio of crop bounds.
  • aspectRatioPresets: controls the list of aspect ratios in the crop menu view. In Android, you can set the initialized aspect ratio when starting the cropper by setting the value of AndroidUiSettings.initAspectRatio.
  • cropStyle: controls the style of crop bounds, it can be rectangle or circle style (default is CropStyle.rectangle).
  • compressFormat: the format of result image, png or jpg (default is ImageCompressFormat.jpg).
  • compressQuality: the value [0 – 100] to control the quality of image compression.
  • androidUiSettings: controls UI customization on Android. See Android customization.
  • iosUiSettings: controls UI customization on iOS. See iOS customization.
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The result file is saved in NSTemporaryDirectory on iOS and application Cache directory on Android, so it can be lost later, you are responsible for storing it somewhere permanent (if needed).



Image Cropper provides a helper class called AndroidUiSettings that wraps all properties can be used to customize UI in uCrop library.

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toolbarTitledesired text for Toolbar titleString
toolbarColordesired color of the ToolbarColor
statusBarColordesired color of statusColor
toolbarWidgetColordesired color of Toolbar text and buttons (default is darker orange)Color
backgroundColordesired background color that should be applied to the root viewColor
activeControlsWidgetColordesired resolved color of the active and selected widget and progress wheel middle line (default is white)Color
dimmedLayerColordesired color of dimmed area around the crop boundsColor
cropFrameColordesired color of crop frameColor
cropGridColordesired color of crop grid/guidelinesColor
cropFrameStrokeWidthdesired width of crop frame line in pixelsint
cropGridRowCountcrop grid rows countint
cropGridColumnCountcrop grid columns countint
cropGridStrokeWidthdesired width of crop grid lines in pixelsint
showCropGridset to true if you want to see a crop grid/guidelines on top of an imagebool
lockAspectRatioset to true if you want to lock the aspect ratio of crop bounds with a fixed value (locked by default)bool
hideBottomControlsset to true to hide the bottom controls (shown by default)bool
initAspectRatiodesired aspect ratio is applied (from the list of given aspect ratio presets) when starting the cropperCropAspectRatioPreset


Image Cropper provides a helper class called IOUiSettings that wraps all properties can be used to customize UI in TOCropViewController library.

minimumAspectRatioThe minimum croping aspect ratio. If set, user is prevented from setting cropping rectangle to lower aspect ratio than defined by the parameterdouble
rectXThe initial rect of cropping: x.double
rectYThe initial rect of cropping: y.double
rectWidthThe initial rect of cropping: width.double
rectHeightThe initial rect of cropping: height.double
showActivitySheetOnDoneIf true, when the user hits ‘Done’, a UIActivityController will appear before the view controller endsbool
showCancelConfirmationDialogShows a confirmation dialog when the user hits ‘Cancel’ and there are pending changes (default is false)bool
rotateClockwiseButtonHiddenWhen disabled, an additional rotation button that rotates the canvas in 90-degree segments in a clockwise direction is shown in the toolbar (default is false)bool
hidesNavigationBarIf this controller is embedded in UINavigationController its navigation bar is hidden by default. Set this property to false to show the navigation bar. This must be set before this controller is presentedbool
rotateButtonsHiddenWhen enabled, hides the rotation button, as well as the alternative rotation button visible when showClockwiseRotationButton is set to YES (default is false)bool
resetButtonHiddenWhen enabled, hides the ‘Reset’ button on the toolbar (default is false)bool
aspectRatioPickerButtonHiddenWhen enabled, hides the ‘Aspect Ratio Picker’ button on the toolbar (default is false)bool
resetAspectRatioEnabledIf true, tapping the reset button will also reset the aspect ratio back to the image default ratio. Otherwise, the reset will just zoom out to the current aspect ratio. If this is set to false, and aspectRatioLockEnabled is set to true, then the aspect ratio button will automatically be hidden from the toolbar (default is true)bool
aspectRatioLockDimensionSwapEnabledIf true, a custom aspect ratio is set, and the aspectRatioLockEnabled is set to true, the crop box will swap it’s dimensions depending on portrait or landscape sized images. This value also controls whether the dimensions can swap when the image is rotated (default is false)bool
aspectRatioLockEnabledIf true, while it can still be resized, the crop box will be locked to its current aspect ratio. If this is set to true, and resetAspectRatioEnabled is set to false, then the aspect ratio button will automatically be hidden from the toolbar (default is false)bool
titleTitle text that appears at the top of the view controller.String
doneButtonTitleTitle for the ‘Done’ button. Setting this will override the Default which is a localized string for “Done”String
cancelButtonTitleTitle for the ‘Cancel’ button. Setting this will override the Default which is a localized string for “Cancel”String


import 'package:image_cropper/image_cropper.dart';

File croppedFile = await ImageCropper.cropImage(
      sourcePath: imageFile.path,
      aspectRatioPresets: [
      androidUiSettings: AndroidUiSettings(
          toolbarTitle: 'Cropper',
          toolbarColor: Colors.deepOrange,
          toolbarWidgetColor: Colors.white,
          initAspectRatio: CropAspectRatioPreset.original,
          lockAspectRatio: false),
      iosUiSettings: IOSUiSettings(
        minimumAspectRatio: 1.0,


This is developed by hnvn
Download this project from the below link.
You can visit original source page from the below link:

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