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Persian DatePicker & DateTime Manipulation

A persian (farsi) datepicker for flutter.

to see an example of date conversion and manipulation, refer to DateTime section in this page.


A simple example with a TextField which turns into a datepicker


import 'package:flutter/material.dart';
import 'package:persian_datepicker/persian_datepicker.dart';

void main() {

class Home extends StatefulWidget {
  HomeState createState() {
    return new HomeState();

class HomeState extends State<Home> {

  // our text controller
  final TextEditingController textEditingController = TextEditingController();

  PersianDatePickerWidget persianDatePicker;

  void initState() {

    /*Simple DatePicker*/
    persianDatePicker = PersianDatePicker(
      controller: textEditingController,
//      datetime: '1397/06/09',


  Widget build(BuildContext context) {
    return MaterialApp(
      home: Scaffold(
        appBar: AppBar(title: Text('دیت پیکر ساده'),),
        body: Builder(builder: (BuildContext context) {

          return Container(
            child: TextField(
              enableInteractiveSelection: false, // *** this is important to prevent user interactive selection ***
              onTap: () {
                FocusScope.of(context).requestFocus(new FocusNode()); // to prevent opening default keyboard
                    context: context,
                    builder: (BuildContext context) {
                      return persianDatePicker;
              controller: textEditingController,



Simple DatePicker

Persian datepicker for flutter
Persian datepicker for flutter

Range DatePicker

/*Range DatePicker*/
persianDatePicker = PersianDatePicker(
  controller: textEditingController,
  rangeDatePicker: true,
  // datetime: '1397/06/09',
  // finishDatetime: '1397/06/15',

Inline DatePicker

/*Inline DatePicker*/
persianDatePicker = PersianDatePicker(
  controller: textEditingController,
  datetime: '1397/06/19',


return Column(
  children: <Widget>[
    // Simple Date Picker
      child: persianDatePicker, // just pass `persianDatePicker` variable as child with no ( )
    // you can omit TextField when using datepicker as inline
      enableInteractiveSelection: false,
      controller: textEditingController,

Customized DatePicker

You can customize datepicker as you wish, there are a lot of options to set, below code is just a few of them.

/*Customized DatePicker*/
persianDatePicker = PersianDatePicker(
    controller: textEditingController,
    outputFormat: 'YYYY/MM/DD',
    datetime: '1397/08/29',
    finishDatetime: '1397/08/30',
    daysBorderWidth: 3,
    weekCaptionsBackgroundColor: Colors.red,
    headerBackgroundColor: Colors.blue.withOpacity(0.5),
    headerTextStyle: TextStyle(color: Colors.blue, fontSize: 17),
    headerTodayIcon: Icon(Icons.access_alarm, size: 15,),
    datePickerHeight: 280
/*Customized Font Family ( Farsi Digits )*/
persianDatePicker = PersianDatePicker(
    controller: textEditingController,
    farsiDigits: true

Or if you have a font which supports farsi digits then you can simply pass the font name and everything would be ok

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اگر فونتی در برنامه استفاده کرده اید که قابلیت نمایش اعداد فارسی را دارد تنها لازم است اسم فونت را به دیت پیکر بدهید

/*Customized Font Family ( Farsi Digits )*/
persianDatePicker = PersianDatePicker(
    controller: textEditingController,
    fontFamily: 'Vazir' // here I used Vazir font


onChange: fires after tapping on a day. It has two arguments, oldText and newText which represents the value of datepicker before-tap and after-tap respectively.

persianDatePicker = PersianDatePicker(
  controller: textEditingController,
  onChange: (String oldText, String newText) {


in order to use PersianDateTime methods, you need to add following line into your file.

import 'package:persian_datepicker/persian_datetime.dart';

You can now use following methods with PersianDateTime instances
implemented methods:

  • toJalaali( format ) // see output formats
  • toGregorian( format ) // see output formats
  • isAfter
  • isBefore
  • difference
  • isEqual
  • add
  • subtract

All above methods work on persian ( farsi ) dates. if you want to work with gregorian datetime use Dart DateTime class

PersianDateTime persianDate1 = PersianDateTime(jalaaliDateTime: '1397/06/09'); // default is now
  persianDate1 contains following properties

  jalaaliYear               1397
  jalaaliMonth              6
  jalaaliDay                9
  jalaaliShortYear          97
  jalaaliZeroLeadingMonth   06
  jalaaliZeroLeadingDay     09
  jalaaliMonthName          شهریور

  gregorianYear             2018
  gregorianMonth            8
  gregorianDay              31
  gregorianShortYear        18
  gregorianZeroLeadingDay   31
  gregorianZeroLeadingMonth 08
  gregorianMonthName        October
  gregorianShortMonthName   Oct

  datetime                  Dart DateTime class of current persian date

print(persianDate1.toGregorian()); // 2018-08-31
print(persianDate1.datetime); // 2018-08-31 00:00:00.000

PersianDateTime persianDate2 = persianDate1.add(Duration(days: 10));
print(persianDate2.isBefore(persianDate1)); // false
print(persianDate2.isAfter(persianDate1)); // true
print(persianDate2.difference(persianDate1).inDays); // 10
print(persianDate2.difference(persianDate1).inHours); // 240

PersianDateTime persianDate3 = PersianDateTime(); // default is now
print(persianDate3.isEqual(persianDate1)); // false

// you can accept date as gregorian using `.fromGregorian` constructor. it will automatically convert into jalaali date
PersianDateTime persianDate3 = PersianDateTime.fromGregorian(); // default is now
print(persianDate3.toJalaali(format: 'YYYY/MM/DD')); // 1397/11/19

Output formats

YYYY full year
YY 2 digits year
MMMM full month name ( doesn’t work in datepicker )
MMM short month name ( this only works in gregorian dates and also doesn’t work in datepicker )
MM leading zero month digit
M month without leading zero
DD leading zero day digit
D day without leading zero

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Important Notes نکات مهم

up to this version all output dates are in persian.

تا این نسخه تمام تاریخ های خروجی پارسی(جلالی) هستند

rangeSeparator and your custom date separator should not be equal, otherwise datepicker will return null

مقدار ورودی rangeSeparator و جداکننده ای که برای فرمت خروجی انتخاب کرده اید نباید یکی باشند در این صورت دیت پیکر خروجی جداکننده های محدوده و خروجی مشابه هستند برمیگرداند

Persian input dates must respect YYYY/MM/DD format. output format is up to you
Gregorian input dates must respect YYYY-MM-DD format. output format is persian and up to you

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فرمت تاریخ های ورودی که پارسی (جلالی) هستند باید بصورت YYYY/MM/DD باشد. فرمت خروجی به دلخواه شماست

فرمت تاریخ های ورودی که میلادی هستند باید بصورت YYYY-MM-DD باشد. فرمت تاریخ خروجی، پارسی و به دلخواه شما خواهد بود

Version 1.3 features

/// حداکثر تاریخی که میتوان در دیت پیکر انتخاب کرد String maxDatetime;

/// حداقل تاریخی که میتوان در دیت پیکر انتخاب کرد String minDatetime;

/// حداکثر فاصله ای که تاریخ شروع و تاریخ پایان میتوانند نسبت به یکدیگر داشته باشند Duration maxSpan;

/// حداقل فاصله ای که تاریخ شروع و تاریخ پایان میتوانند نسبت به یکدیگر داشته باشند Duration minSpan;

in order to update these options programmatically you can use update method, like so


      onPressed: () {
        minSpan = Duration(days: 10);
        setState(() {
          // here you can update the options
              minSpan: minSpan,
              minDatetime: '1397/12/19',
              maxDatetime: '1397/12/29');

      child: Container(
        child: Text('Update Datepicker'),



You can find the full example in the Git Repository, example directory

Learn more about date picker click here


This project is developed by Ali-Azmoud
Download this project from the below link.
You can visit the source page from the below link:

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