Bungee Music Player in Flutter

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Music Player

Bungee Music Player in Flutter

A Flutter musical app built with nodejs and firebase.

Music Player
Music Player


Bungee is the first music app build with Flutter. With a nice interface you can play punjabi music ,create playlists and share them with others. You can also search for particular artist or song.There is also switching of dark theme. Pagination is also used. Thank you

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To use features of firebase in app you will have to paste your own keys at android/app/src


Built With

Following is list of libraries used in app.

  1. Rxdart-Communication between different screens of app.
  2. AudioPlayer-Playing music
  3. Firebase-Creating playlists and storing recent searches,
  4. Device info-Getting unique id of user.
  5. Shared Preferences-Storing settings
  6. Url launcher-Opening url.
  7. Share-Sharing link
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Following is list of important wigdets used in app.(Can’t list all 😁)

  1. Navigator😍
  2. WillPopScope
  3. BackdropFilter
  4. ClipRRect
  5. CupertinoSliverNavigationBar


This is developed by OpenConsultingGroup
Download this project from the below link.
You can visit original source page from the below link:

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