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Music Player

Open Source Music Player for Flutter

Music player flutter is a complete and open source music player designed in flutter. It is first complete music player designed in flutter. This app exploits Sqlite databse that enables faster loading of songs at startup. Only one time setup for loading songs is needed. This app comes with a lot of features and a more are coming soon.
You can download app from releases Music Player.
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  • Play local songs
  • Beautiful screens
  • Sqlite database support
  • Search songs, Songs suggestions
  • Top tracks, Recent songs, Random song
  • Album view, Artist view
  • Playing queue, Shuffle, Add to favourites
  • Play/pause, Next/prev
  • Themes(dark/light), Custom font, Animations
  • landscape mode


Catch the demo in this video.


Music Player
Music Player


Music player plugin used : Flute-music
For Sqlite :SQLite flutter plugin

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Note: This app may contain few bugs, which will be fixed shortly.


This is developed by amangautam1
Download this project from the below link.
You can visit original source page from the below link:

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