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flutter chatgpt

Flutter ChatGPT API

This package is a Flutter/Dart API around ChatGPT by OpenAI.

This package requires a valid session token from ChatGPT to access its unofficial REST API.

This version have been updated to use Puppeteer to log in to ChatGPT and extract the Cloudflare cf_clearance cookie and OpenAI session token. 🔥 Thanks to Node.js ChatGPT API (unofficial)

⚠️ Be Careful!

  • Your user-agent and IP addressmust match from the real browser window you’re logged in with to the one you’re using for ChatGPTAPI.
    • This means that you currently can’t log in with your laptop and then run the bot on a server or proxy somewhere.
  • Please check defaultHeaders


flutter chatgpt


  flutter_chatgpt_api: ^1.0.0


import 'package:flutter_chatgpt_api/flutter_chatgpt_api.dart';

 _api = ChatGPTApi(
       sessionToken: SESSION_TOKEN,
       clearanceToken: CLEARANCE_TOKEN,

setState(() {
      text: _textController.text,
      chatMessageType: ChatMessageType.user,
  isLoading = true;

var newMessage = await _api.sendMessage(
  conversationId: _conversationId,
  parentMessageId: _parentMessageId,

setState(() {
  _conversationId = newMessage.conversationId;
  _parentMessageId = newMessage.messageId;
  isLoading = false;
      text: newMessage.message,
      chatMessageType: ChatMessageType.bot,


To get a session token:

  1. Go to https://chat.openai.com/chat and log in or sign up.
  2. Open dev tools.
  3. Open Application > Cookies (Storage > Cookies)
chatgpt cookie
chatgpt cookie

4. Create these files and add your session token to run the tests and example respectively:

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Copy the value for __Secure-next-auth.session-token and save it to your environment.example/lib/session_token.dart

Copy the value for cf_clearance and save it to your environment. example/lib/clearance_token.dart

Should look something like this:

const SESSION_TOKEN = '__Secure-next-auth.session-token from https://chat.openai.com/chat';
const CLEARANCE_TOKEN = 'cf_clearance token from https://chat.openai.com/chat';


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MIT Copyright (c) 2022, Emre Coşkunçay

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