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What is GetX in Flutter?

GetX state management flutter plugin provides high-performance, intelligent, dependency injection and route management very quickly. Because of the GetX flutter plugin increases productivity and reduces development time.

There are 3 basic principles on which GetX in Flutter works.  

1. PERFORMANCE: With the help of Flutter GetX State Management the app performance increases because GetX in Flutter does not use Streams and ChangeNotifier for updating UI/UX. 

2. PRODUCTIVITY: GetX flutter uses very easy and pleasant syntax formation for anything that is provided by GetX in flutter, for an example if you want to do routing using GetX in flutter, it will be a very simple way, just do this:; that’s it. Many more ways to increase productivity using GetX in Flutter, you don’t need to worry about removing controllers from the memory, Flutter GetX does so automatically.

3. ORGANIZATION: The Flutter GetX plugin allows you to organize your code in a very good manner, it allows you the decouple the View, presentation logic, business logic, dependency injection, and navigation. The best thing about GetX in Flutter is that you don’t need any context while using navigation between routes, many more benefits are there some of them we mentioned.

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you can also visit the official page of the GetX flutter plugin from the below link.

About this example

Flutter Getx State Management – Car Control Dashboard is a user-friendly mobile application built using Flutter and powered by GetX for efficient state management. Enjoy a modern and intuitive design that adapts to various screen sizes, providing a seamless experience for controlling your car’s features. Interact with dynamic car controls, including speed, steering, and temperature. Realistic animations enhance the visual appeal, making it feel like you are controlling a real car!


  • User-friendly Interface: The app is designed to be intuitive and easy to use for all users, whether they are new to driving or experienced drivers.
  • Responsive Design: The app is built with responsiveness in mind, making it adapt perfectly to various screen sizes, from mobile phones to tablets.
  • Realistic Animations: Enjoy the experience of controlling a virtual car with realistic animations that enhance the visual appeal and provide a lifelike experience.
  • Efficient State Management: Powered by GetX, the app ensures efficient state management, leading to a smooth and lag-free experience.
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Getting Started

To get started with the Car Control Dashboard app, follow these steps:

  1. Prerequisites: Make sure you have Flutter installed on your system. If you don’t have it yet, you can install it from the official Flutter website.
  2. Clone the repository: Clone this repository to your local machine using the following command:
  3. Install Dependencies: Navigate to the project directory and install the required dependencies:
  4. Run the App: Now, you can run the app on your connected device or emulator:
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The Car Control Dashboard app relies on the following dependencies:

  • GetX: For efficient state management and reactive programming.



We welcome contributions from the community! If you’d like to contribute to the Car Control Dashboard project, follow these steps:

  1. Fork this repository.
  2. Create a new branch for your feature or bug fix.
  3. Make your changes and commit them with descriptive commit messages.
  4. Push your changes to your forked repository.
  5. Create a pull request to the main branch of this repository.

We’ll review your pull request and merge it if everything looks good!


We would like to thank the Flutter and GetX communities for their valuable contributions and support.

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This project was developed by Hamad-Anwar
Download this project from the below link.
You can visit original source page from the below link.

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