Material Range Slider for Flutter

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Range Slider

Material Range Slider for Flutter

An extension of the Flutter Material Slider to allow selection of a range of values via 2 thumbs.

Range Slider
Range Slider

Getting Started

You should ensure that you add the following dependency in your Flutter project.

 flutter_range_slider: "^1.5.0"

You should then run flutter packages upgrade or update your packages in IntelliJ.

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In your Dart code, to use it:

import 'package:flutter_range_slider/flutter_range_slider.dart' as frs;


>As of version 1.7, Flutter Framework also has its own RangeSlider. > If you want to keep working with this library, you need to import the package, using an alias e.g. frs. > Then, your need to prefix both RangeSlider and RangeSliderCallback with this alias (frs.RangeSlider and frs. RangeSliderCallback)

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An example can be found in the example folder. Check it out.


This is developed by boeledi
Download this project from the below link.
You can visit original source page from the below link:

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